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Double Your Fees by 
Next Tax Season...

Are you sick of working crazy-long hours during tax season and not getting fairly compensated for your time?

Do you wish your business account was flush with cash during the "off season" like it is in the "busy season"?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, this special program is for you!

Do you want to work with clients that really understand and appreciate your value so you can love going to work everyday?

The Tax & Accounting "World" has Changed...
- Clients have so many options for their tax & accounting work
- Firms have to work twice as hard to make the same revenue
- Gone are the days of easy money and lots of time off!
But You Have a Trump Card ...
… And it ISN’T just some book or blog post sharing ideas.

It's the personal, 1-on-1 help, you need to really grow your revenue. 

For the first time ever, we've bundled our best-kept growth secrets into one program, and we're going to personally teach all of them to 20 firms!
Double Your Fees Growth Workshop
 Available exclusively to the 
first 20 firms who reserve a spot!


In the last 8 years we've helped 1,000's of firms grow and increase their profits.

For a limited time, we want to work 1-on-1 with you - if you're tired of doing things the hard way, and want to significantly increase your revenue.

This exclusive program IS NOT a bunch of do-it-yourself suggestions like you're used to seeing from other "experts". 

This is a hands-on, intense, step-by-step workshop where we will literally give you the secrets & help you implement the systems to overhaul your revenue in the next 12 weeks. 
We only have the bandwidth to work with 20 firms, so we can't offer this program to everyone. If you're interested, keep reading and reserve your spot because they will go fast...
You will learn exactly how to grow your revenue in the next 90 days (and beyond) in this program. Or else.
Jamie’s Firm FLOURISHED Thanks to Her Passion & Participation in the Program


Jamie is a CPA in Colorado. She's a great mom, awesome wife, and the owner/operator of her firm. 

She had a group of clients she loved working with, but also a bunch of clients that didn't really appreciate her value. 

The way she was charging for her services didn't match what she deserved, and the amount of revenue she was generating was keeping her from reaching her goals.

All of that changed once we guided her through the 
Double Your Fees Program.

“William and Chris' message resonated with me and how I wanted to set up my firm. I wanted to help my clients and do away with the hourly billing that took so much of my time. They helped me immediately dive in and see the bigger picture on my goals for myself and my clients. I highly recommend this program to any and all tax professionals who are ready to have a thriving practice! ” - Jamie O'Kane, CPA
Jamie's Average Revenue Per Client increased 212% by implementing the Double Your Fees Program!
How to Access the Double Your Fees Workshop
Ready to raise your fees 200% or more? 

Here's how you can lock-down your spot:
1) Click the "Reserve My Spot" button below!

2) Complete the simple enrollment process - takes less than 60 seconds and is entirely online.

3) Watch your email! Within 24 hrs you'll receive an email to schedule our first kick-off call.
*All sessions are private & personal. We'll work with you remotely, 1-on-1 via phone or Skype

What to expect from the

Learn the proven, step-by-step process to Increase Your Profits & Relieve Stress - Here's just some of what we'll help you implement:
How can I know this program will work for me?

All of the strategies, secrets, and concepts we use in this program have been time-tested and proven by the firms across the country we’ve worked with. These firms range in geography, size, employee count, and every other variable you can think of. In addition to that, because we work 1-on-1 with you throughout the entire process, each step in the program is tailored to your specific needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Fred Gartenlaub, EA, CFP
Owner & Operator, 
Fred Gartenlaub, LLC
William helped me step-by-step increase my revenue and roll out my new pricing structure in weeks. It could have taken me years if I tried to do it on my own and I wouldn't even have known where to start.
Jonathan Bengel, EA., M.Ed
Managing Partner,
 JB Financial
I started my firm two years ago and went through the Double Your fees Program. My first year revenue was $40,000 and last year I generated over $90,000! I can't thank you guys enough. You changed my business and my life forever.
Session 1
Discovering Your Personal Goals & What "Success" Really Means to You 
Session 2
Identifying Your Unique Value So You Never Have to Stress Competiton Again
Session 3
Creating Your New Products to Maximize Revenue, Profit, & Client Value
Session 4
Launching Your New Products for Maximum Results 
Session 5
Creating Your Automated "New Client" System to Create a Flow of New clients Whenever You Want Them  






What makes the Double Your Fees Program different from "consulting" products other people offer?

Most consulting engagements marketed to small firms are too expensive and don’t guarantee their results. More importantly, the actual content of the engagement is based loosely around very fuzzy concepts that may or may not be applicable for your specific situation. The Double Your Fees program is in no-way generic consulting. Rather, it’s a specific set of proven action steps that when understood and applied in a small firm, will create a very specific set of results – significantly increasing your overall revenue-per-client and tangibly decreasing your level of stress.

How will I actually implement everything I learn from the program?
At the end of each session, we’ll create a list of action items. Some of these items will be for us to complete, some will be things only you can do. Once all of the action items are complete, you will have implemented the key concepts from that session and we’ll be ready to move on to the next step. 
What firms are saying about the 
Access the Entire Program for $2500 and a solemnly sworn oath
Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back
We keep the oath. Only the first 20 firms to reserve a spot get access.

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Are You currently making over $3,000 per year for every client on your roster? 

You You could be if you knew how...our program will teach you.

What happens during the coaching sessions?

The sessions are where we spend 1-on-1, uninterrupted time together. They're typically 90-minutes long and happen via phone or video conference. During the sessions we guide you step-by-step through our process and explain in detail what needs to happen so you can significantly increase your revenue in the next 90-days and beyond. Much of the time in the beginning sessions will be devoted to getting to know you and all the different aspects of how your firm operates. This knowledge will translate into the specific recommendations we make throughout the process.



Are you guaranteeing I will double my current top line revenue in the next 90 days?
No, but we are guaranteeing you will be happy with the results after you finish the program. Your specific revenue increase will be based on the type of value you can provide to your specific clients. Increasing your revenue by 200% or more by next tax season is totally possible, but our guarantee is that in the next 90 days (if you fully complete the program & implement our strategies in the way we guide you) you will be completely satisfied or we’ll give you your money back. There is absolutely no risk.



Why are you offering this program now?
Although we’ve worked with many firms directly helping them grow their businesses, the majority of our time is spent supporting & educating firms via our SmartCenter software, our Blog, & TaxProU. Firms love this education & support, but some have expressed a genuine desire for more “hands-on” help so they can reach their goals faster. We see how quickly changes are happening in the industry, so we want to help as many firms as possible profit from these changes and experience the level of success we know IS possible. Our Double Your Fees program is the best & quickest way we can really move the needle for a firm that’s tired of doing things the hard way.